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Nothing enhances the curb appeal of your Rhode Island home like a new paint job.  Proper preparation and painting of your exterior is the best way to increase your home's value and maintain your investment.  Nothing extends the useful life span of a house more than a good exterior paint job.  
Selecting and using beautiful exterior colors allows you to express your personal style and fit in with your neighborhood.  Choosing the right colors is the first order of business when planning to paint.  It is best to choose colors that are in harmony with the architecture of your house and neighborhood.  
Dark colors make a house look smaller while light colors make the house look bigger.  Neal's Painting can help you select the right colors for your home.  
Many factors need to be taken into account when planning your exterior painting.  Questions to ask include the following: 
What is the condition of the house? Is it in good, fair, or poor condition?  Is there wood rot?  Is the house peeling?  Is the house chalking?  What is on the trim currently, water base or oil based enamel?   
Reach Neal's Painting to have everything done perfectly from the very beginning at an affordable price.